The way I am now, the way I will be
1. I haven’t eaten meat or fish for six months. I often buy products not grown in Italy such as coffee and infusions, kamut, cocoa and sugar cane from South America. I choose eggs and honey from farms but I buy dairy products without a clear ethic policy.
I do shopping mainly in shopping malls but also in organic stores. I use a cloth bag but I often forget it at home so I find my house full of paper and plastic bags.
2. I use the car once or twice a month to make short journeys and the airplane and the train to travel at least
four times a year. I go to work everyday by public transports (bus, tram, underground and suburban train).
3. I use low energy light bulbs but also normal light bulbs, I always keep the heating very low and I never turn the air conditioning on. I don’t have a TV but I use the computer for hours and I don’t waste too much water.
4. A part of cleaners and detergents for the house is still of industrial origin and chemistry but I’m slowly replacing those products with some home made ones.
5. I use both homemade and industrial cleaners that have not been tested on animals. Often I rely on brands rather than looking at the ingredients and I save the boxes for recycling.
6. From the solidarity point of view, I buy fair trade craft products and clothes from the countries of the Southern emisphere
7. I use paper napkins and hankles but also clothe ones.The separate collection of rubbish is approximate, I use plastic glasses, cotton make-up removers, kitchen roll etc.
8. Almost all my money is spent for vain shopping, not to survive, not to make me happy. Make-up, clothes and accessories from from foreign countries, books and movies, technology, candles, house objects, jewellery.
9. I have never been able to keep a plant alive. But I’d like to grow and feed plants with the help of my compost.
10. I live with two cats, who eat biological meat, but the use a polluting litter

What you can do
1. Buy coffee, cocoa, sugar cane from fair trade. Local products or at least italian ones. Draught alcohol, natural tobacco. Cloth bags and little bags to keep in your pokets.
2. Share the car, avoid airplanes, TAV, escalators and elevators. Ride the bike as often as possible. Hybrid car, electric means of transportation. Solidarity travels, house sharing and couchsurfing.
3. Use low energy light bulbs, minimize heating and air conditioning. Reduce water waste, avoid plastic bottles.
4. Cleanres on tap in rechargeable bottles.
5. Cruelty-free nd natural detergents
6. Solidarity: Fair Trade, humanitary associations ect.
7. If you can’t avoid disposable objects, choose biological cotton and biodegradable goods. make a correct separate collection of rubbish and be informed about dangerous and toxic waste.
8. Shopping: Lifegate Jeans, Fair Trade and ecologic clothes, bio shops etc.
9. House plants to purify the air.
10. Biological food, organic litter, hand made toys, for cats

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