Let’s fall in (a low impact) love…

My name is Claudia, I’m Italian and I write to introduce my low impact project, that started a few weeks ago.

It’ll be a one year experiment: I’ll try to reduce my carbon footprint (eating vegan, using the bike and, I hope, solar energy) and part of the project will be the use of “Ethic and Ecologic Sexual Accessories” :-) like vibrators, condoms and so on.

Many friends of mine already ordered condoms in your website, and I’d like to talk about your website and “test” some samples. ;-)

A few weeks ago, I started to look for some ideas about the Low impact love.

You won’t be surprised: I found a whole universe of information, online.
For example, there are many products (like birth control methods, accessories, toys and lubes) which are made of natural ingredients, good for vegans, oli-free and cruelty-free (www.thesensualvegan.com), or else, condoms made of bio, ethic, ecologic rubber.

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