From January 1st to the 31st of December 2011 begins my Low Impact Life project! A plan of reduction of my ecological impact.

What I’m going to do is to extract the essence of life: the unnecessary burdens upon us, the need stimulates
the creativity and brings us to test ourselves day by day. What part of us must be eliminated, and which
instead preserved and valued? Can we live happily without any waste of which barely we notice?

The Ecological Footprint Quiz gave me a very bad result: in order to support my lifestyle, the Earth should be
1.15 times bigger!
So I decided to follow the footsteps of Colin Beavan and Paola Maugeri, of countries like Sweden and the
spanish Vitoria-Gasteiz and of many others who have decided to make an impact on the environment as little
as possible, through an active and positive ecological approach.

In my Blog I will tell my experience, the obstacles and the outcomes, I will report information and quotes,
I will involve people. I will propose valid alternatives and suggestions on how to live in the respect of
ourselves, the others and the planet that we live.

These will be my fields of action with a list of rules for me and suggestions for you.

On the table – E H2o CO2 – ECO House – Health and Beauty – Recycle – Solidarity – Garden –

If we were given a single planet, why ask for more?
To lead a compatible and ecological life and that asks only for the use of the resources of just one Planet
Earth. It’s all about reinventing ourselves: I am ready!

Changing my habits.
The world can change if we can change.
Im going to make the words Savings, Recycling and Respect a dominant part of my everyday actions until I
live a Low Impact Life.
Attention however: this is not about sacrificing ourselves for the sake of an environmentalism in appearance
vain. On the contrary to adapt and resize life focusing on important questions:

How can I go out of the loop of this consumeristic market that decides for me what is good and what is bad?
What are the consequences of my purchases?
How can I minimize my ecological impact?

Here the way I am:
The Vices and Virtues page tells who I am and what I do now and what Im going to do during my life at
Impact 1.

At the end of the project:
I will compile again the Ecological Footprint Quiz to know if I have succeeded in living at Impact 1.
I will know so if I have actually reduced my consumption, improving the quality of live while saving money.

We will see!

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