Violence of legumes and music one impact

Violence of legumes for my Sunday lunch.
I boiled a lot ‘rice and lentils for my meal and for my cats.
Then I mixed them with minced meat and small vegetables cube (for cats).
For my meal , I did a mix with tomato sauce, peas, fried onions and sundried tomatoes in oil into strips. Fantastic!

I just wonder why I chose to open a can of peas (certainly not the children of this April) instead of fresh beans that I had in the fridge from the fresh market and especially in season?

Stupid me, stupid me three times. For not thinking before acting, for being left with haste because the dish would come much better, with different tastes .

Not that I’m sorry about this dish, was not bad at all ,but now I find myself with a new can be disposed. So I searched a bit on the web, and I found funny and colourful ways to recycle cans and much more, and now that out is a bit cold keep the windows open, and i can play a bit’ to creative recycle .

I had already built a music instrument and I was very proud of it, so much to take (almost) always around when you play with capoeristas.

Now, what else can I invent? Simple decorations, for example. O strange musical
instruments as they BungtBangt & Capone’s group does, which I hope to invite for the second edition of MusiCamp.
Am I digressing? Yes, and for now I say bye to you and I start my work.
What is the object, the more beautiful made, with recycled materials in your home?

Translation: Alberica

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