Midnight Pasta

This is a super recipe: Midnight Pasta
Oh, how well sounds the word pasta?
Reminds me the childhood and small macaroni with tomato sauce, pinched up from the plate with greedy and still little fingers.
Pasta, the one that if you eat at midnight makes you gain weight more than anything else, that you would run an hour to char it, the one that you eat directly from the pot burning your soul,the one that fills all the spices and the possible remains of the fridge, the one that stitch on the belly and on the thighs.

This evening I cooked the Midnight pasta because I was greedy to try the fresh peas I bought at the market and shelled pod to pod. But is it already the right season? Mah

And then the zucchini, uh, that taste from the vegetables garden (or at least it seems to me), I sliced ​thin and sautéed with the onion and nothing more.

Do you want the recipe?

Midnight Pasta:

Ingredients: pasta of your choice, oil, onion, zucchini, peas, turmeric, salt, pepper, and good blues music.

Cook the pasta in boiling water while in an other pot the onions gets brown in a bit of oil. Add zucchini cut in thin slices or in small cubes , then the peas, salt, a little pepper and turmeric to go-go.

Eat directly from the pot, not to dirt the dishes, but this time using fork, not with fingers as a child.

Turmeric – curcumin, are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, the body absorb it thanks to the combination with black pepper.

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  1. Looking very much delicious! I can not hold watering in my mouth! You worth a thank for the recipe. God knows where do I find zucchini!?!? I will cook midnight pasta without this. Hope midnight pasta is not gonna be nightmare to taste lol.

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