Ecologic hairstyle!

At the end I cut my hair without any help of the hairdresser.
I took a pair of scissors, and ZAC!
Despite of that, my face remains the same, just shorter than six inches.
However, this does not prevent me to take inspiration, maybe tomorrow or tonight, suddenly cut them again, and then in the worst of the case a saint hairdresser will adjust my work, in silence, without any critics.

And why I cut my hair?
Obviously to save shampoo, conditioner, water and energy for the dryer. Vanessa Farquharson also did the same (but  she didn’t crop to zero as I thought at the begin), and I say, I never thought about the fact that long hair pollute more than short one! To cut it  in winter would have been smarter, when demand of power to dry it is greater, because as soon as the season gets a little bit warmer, I let it  dry at the air. So you can calculate the seasons based on my hairstyle, and not just on my colourful dresses bit like hippy.

[It is also very likely that the haircut made ​​a cut also on my ability to make sentences with sense. Now, seems I’m using the words like dices that I’m shaking in a glass, composing the sentences at random. Maybe it’s just spring’s influences or maybe it’s just my impression.]

This is just one of the strange things I’ve done in the name of ecology.
Now I just have to try alternatives to shampoo, such as Aleppo soap or Aloe Vera one.
Any suggestions?

What is the most absurd thing that you have ever done for the environment? I don’t know, like take shower with buckets and bowls to save water, wash clothes in the rain, being naked as long as possible not to dirty the clothes (at home, we hope), eh?

Translation: Alberica

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