It’s not easy, but just ask me if I’m happy

extra: in giro per Milano, Piazza del Duomo - kika testa(g)rossa

In spite of my No Shopping life (no clothes, make up or technology), every day my table is full of new boxes, fliers and plastic bags.

The reason is that I often receive little presents (like a new razor) or something like 15 (yes, 15) menstrual cups, samples to swap with my friends, or else because sometimes my lapse of concentration makes me make mistakes and take brochures or free press newspapers. :-S

So I thought that I didn’t just take these virtues as a dress to wear, and that also my imperfection, vanity and doubts are involved in this project.

As I wrote before, this is a chisel job, that doesn’t involve just my actions, but my whole conscience, my will and the interior and social life.

Also Colin Beavan thought it was easy, until he hurt his mother when he gave up an aeroplane journey to visit her. Or else, Vanessa Farquharson (Sleeping naked is green), who made a change per day (366 days), and turned off the fridge, but didn’t manage in giving up meat completely.

The meaning of values and conscience changes, but pulls also the people you are surrounded of.
This happens both negatively and positively.

So, if I can be happy to see that some of my friends got vegeterian after they met me, I can also see that I look like a bad person if I don’t accept to be taken home by car, or if I dont’ go out for a drink with friends.

I found out that the way to be happy is not easy, and that many times I have to balance relationships, mental health and persistence.

By the way, I’m not downhearted. I’m just learning how big and unexpectedly meaningful is this project: much more than I thought.
And this make me very, very happy.

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