Let’s fall in (a low impact) love…

My name is Claudia, I’m Italian and I write to introduce my low impact project, that started a few weeks ago.

It’ll be a one year experiment: I’ll try to reduce my carbon footprint (eating vegan, using the bike and, I hope, solar energy) and part of the project will be the use of “Ethic and Ecologic Sexual Accessories” :-) like vibrators, condoms and so on.

Many friends of mine already ordered condoms in your website, and I’d like to talk about your website and “test” some samples. ;-)

A few weeks ago, I started to look for some ideas about the Low impact love.

You won’t be surprised: I found a whole universe of information, online.
For example, there are many products (like birth control methods, accessories, toys and lubes) which are made of natural ingredients, good for vegans, oli-free and cruelty-free (www.thesensualvegan.com), or else, condoms made of bio, ethic, ecologic rubber.

So, I wrote some emails to ask for some samples to “test”.

The first pack I received was from the kind Kia, who works in French Letter, a Fair Trade company that sends ethical and natural condoms, is carbon neutral and fights against AIDS in Zambia.

If you think about that….even love has an impact on environment!
So, why don’t we think about using ecological accessories? We’ll respect our health and also the planet.

What else?

Stay two-ned and follow the blog to read the next posts about a no impact love ;-)

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  1. I like your points Claudia… You have brought some great ideas of staying green… The examples you delivered show that you are very aware of the environment… This is brilliant…

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