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Good evening!
My name is Claudia, I’m writing because of my “Low impact project” that started a few days ago.
It’ll be a one year experiment: I’ll try to reduce my carbon footprint (eating vegan, biking and, I hope, using solar energy) and part of the project will be the use of a Menstrual Cup and Cloth Pads [or degradable tampons].
Many friends of mine already ordered Menstrual Cups in your website, and I’d like to talk about your website into my blog of this experience (sorry it’ll be soon translated in english).
What about a little exchange?

This is the way my relationship with Teresa started. She works for Feminine Wear, who sells cloth pads, sea sponge tampons and menstrual cups.

Me and my bad english and Teresa, so kind.
This post is about girls, but it’s important to realize that every day many
pads and tampons get rubbish to be burned or lost in the oceans.
So I thought it would be good to go back to the past of our grandmothers, when the disposable didn’t even exist.
Reuse, wash, take care of objects that will be with us for many years, can make us women of better values.

Six months ago I began to use a menstrual cup, but I hadn’t tested yet those products that Feminine Wear sells.
So I asked Teresa if she could send me something, and volià! Here they are, some useful products from England (too far, I know), in a degradable envelope.

Next month you’ll know how I felt with this products. ;-)

Here is my last email to Teresa, my new friend:

Teresa GRAZIE!

your pack has just arrived!
thanks also for the sweets ^_^ and your sweetness! :-)
I’ll write right now a post to say WE did it, and next month I’ll tell how it is with your products. I’m sure it’ll be perfect!

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