Bicarbonate, are you bad or good?

Since I met Giovane Arrogante I changed many behaviours, and especially I gave up buying roll-on and sticks, rather bicarbonate.
Bicarbonate is very useful to clean the house and the body, and it works also as fungicide and sterilizer, or else it’s good to bake a cake or soften your towels.
Anyway, we all use it frequently in the house, or we should, if we wanted to live One Impact Lives.  ;-)
But nobody told me before, the bicarbonate industry seems to be the cause of the whiteness of a beach in Rosignano, Italy.
Of course I would like to see that thing with my own eyes and investigate, but the doubt makes me think that I should simply give up using that product.
It can be easily replaced by kaoli and essential oil, and so on.
To make a deodorant, for example, you’ll find here an easy recipe, but what about the toothpaste? I’ll find surely a solution. To clean vegetables I’ll use vinegar, and to my cats, for now, degradable litter.
Here it is the recipe.

Armpit dust – Kaoli and essential oils
corn flour, 2 spoons
kaoli, 2 spoons
essential oils (you have two options: 10 drops for each oil: tea tree, lemon, sage, or 15 of lemon and 15 of tea tree – my stock)
Mix the ingredients dropping the oils and stir to make them homogeneous.
Keep it in a glass pot and apply it with a cotton ball.
The recipe comes from Francesca Marotta’s book, Cosmesi naturale in pratica.

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