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Our grandchildren will consider eating animals as barbaric.
In the coming years, millions of people will choose to eat closer to the bottom of the food chain, so as to allow millions of others to obtain what they need to survive.
If this happens, the global health level will increase – of our own on, of the South, of the planet.

Jeremy Rifkin – Beyond Beef

Vegan feeding has ecological, ethical, health and spiritual reasons.

The Double food pyramid, which shows the impact of our eating choices, explains how the foods we should eat more frequently (fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes) respect the environment and health to a much greater extent than a wide consumption of milk, eggs, dairy, meat and fish.

Choosing what to eat – awareness, accountability, good taste:

1. Prefer fruits, vegetables and legumes to meat, fish, dairy and eggs. A vegan diet is ideal
and is the principle I want to follow.
2. Buy organic, seasonal produce. Avoid foreign products. Which agricultural products are imported and manufactured in Italy? To what extent eliminating coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, spices and other foreign products, can improve my lifestyle? A reflection is needed.
3. Organize and manage a vegetable garden on my balcony with a compost bin for organic waste. Recycling waste and knowing the plants and the nature cycles.
4. Choose mostly products without packaging: bulk fruit and vegetables (cloth or recyclable bags), on tap products (milk, wine, cereals).
5. Pay attention to the origin. The more distant the place of production, the more CO² emitted by transport, the lower the possibility of directly knowing the company and check its behavior.
6. Cook and experiment with vegetarian and vegan recipes.
7. Becoming part of a GAS (“Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale”, fair trade buying group).

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